PDK International - The Professional Association in Education
Phi Delta Kappa - Chapter 85, University of Toronto


Members of Phi Delta Kappa:

  • Belong to an international organization dedicated to Research, Service and Leadership
  • Promote quality education through participation in chapter activities
  • Network with educators from a variety of school systems, levels, and roles
  • Grow professionally through access to our excellent chapter programs and workshops
  • Receive the outstanding educational journal, The Kappan, as well as a wealth of online resources, such as, Classroom Tips, webinars, and professional discussion guides, etc.
  • Access to PDK Educational trips and scholarships

Membership of the Toronto Chapter

The Toronto Chapter was chartered as the first "international" chapter of PDK in 1955. The chapter continues to support membership growth and renewal. Candidates can either self-nominate or be recommended by a chapter member. New members are invited to take an active role in the ongoing activities of the association. The Toronto Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa invites educators who are making a difference to the field of education through their research, service and leadership to become active members.

Current Members

Please visit PDK International or call them toll-free at 1-800-766-1156 to renew or update your membership.

Membership Application

Applicants should apply to the Toronto chapter online at www.pdkintl.org/join/index.htm Please remember to affliate yourself with the "University of Toronto" Chapter and to send our Membership Chair, Nancy Nightingale an email so that we can get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can complete the following membership application form:

Ensure that Chapter 0085 - University of Toronto Chapter is indicated on your form. Completed Membership forms should be sent to the Membership Chair:

Nancy Nightingale
32 Spruce Hill Road
Toronto, Ontario
M4E 3G3

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Who Can Apply

Membership in PDK is valued for many different reasons. It has always been the only organization which reaches out to all levels of education: elementary, secondary, and post-secondary.

Now the outreach has been broadened. Phi Delta Kappa's new constitution has set up three different categories of membership, so that everyone concerned about education can become members, whether they are classroom assistants, parents, students, or institutions. What is required is a commitment to the purpose of promoting quality education, especially publicly supported education, as essential to the development of a democratic way of life.

Professional/Student Category

The professional category is the sole category with voting privileges. It is open to those who have baccalaureate degrees, or are licensed or credentialed as educators, or those who are employed in an education related field. Student membership includes graduate students in education, or undergraduate education majors who are enrolled in, or successfully completed student teaching. It also includes educators from outside Canada and the United States who meet a standard equivalent to a B.A.

Institutional Member

These include schools, colleges, and academic departments, school districts or universities, companies and corporations, and non-profit or for-profit organizations.

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Benefits of PDK Membership

Membership in Phi Delta Kappa provides the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people with different experiences, levels of experience, and professional contacts. This variety of connections provides unique insights into situations which develop in all aspects of education.

For teachers who are looking to develop their level of expertise, the professional meetings, discussions, and professional research such as that reported in the Kappan nurture their growth.

Administrators find the broad perspectives, connections, and focus on educational issues helps them tap into a bank of experience and variety of perspectives, supporting them in what is often a lonely and stressful position.

Kappans know that they have resources, both personal and professional, to address all these and other situations.

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Eligibility Requirement

  • Applicants should have demonstrated a commitment to the goals of Phi Delta Kappa International -

    To promote quality education, with particular emphasis on publicly supported education, as essential to the development and maintenance of a democratic way of life.

  • Prospective and current members achieve these goals through educational leadership, service and research.
  • In addition, a bachelor's degree is requirement for all applicants.
  • A one-year membership without initiation is available to education students who are enrolled in a program leading to teacher certification.
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