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News 2005

PDK, U of T Chapter, 50th Anniversary Dinner
October 19th, 2005

Founders of PDK, U of T Chapter, Attend 50th Anniversary

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Honouring a 50 Year Member

Charles Manahan joined shortly after the founding of PDK's University of Toronto Chapter. As well as maintaining his membership, Charles stayed active in the chapter in various roles including President, and was the current Treasurer. He was instrumental in helping with the formation of the London, Ontario chapter. Charles attended the Lieutenant Governor's reception and was honoured at the 50th Anniversary with a certificate and a standing ovation. We are saddened to report that in November, Charles passed away.

Walk for Education, 2005

We are pleased to have an award program at the chapter level and are very proud to have winners at the International level. Money for awards, both at the local and International level, is raised through the walk. Walk funds are also part of our chapter's service; donations can be designated for school food programs. This fall, 2005, was the second PDK Walk for Education.

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Past President's Luncheon
November 15, 2005

Over twenty past presidents gathered for lunch, catching up, and chat about directions to take for PDK's future. Photographs by Carolyn Moras.

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PDK Open House at OISE
November 24, 2005

An Open House was held to acquaint Faculty of Education students with the benefits of PDK and to highlight awards for which they might wish to apply.Shelley Thomas shared the process of applying for the Excellence in Student Teaching, Prospective Educator Award. Shenyu Huang shared the process of applying for the Jackman Award.

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Other News

As usual, PDK was well-represented at the recent Association for Educational Research of Ontario conference.

Mary Hookey was a participant in "Developing Research Programs in Music Teacher Education: SIG Business Meeting and Interactive Discussion", which was described as "Focus topics include: Music Teacher Educators: Issues and Practices in Building a Research Program, and Developing a Music Teacher-Research Group in Music Education: Mentoring and Community Through Research."

Clay Lafleur presented a paper, "Revisiting the Meaning of Time in Educational Reform and Change," in a session on "Challenges of Improving Schools for All Students."

Clay was also the Program Section Chair for Program Evaluation in Division H-School Evaluation and Program Development.

Ruth Childs presented a poster session, "Teacher Testing and Certification: An Historical Perspective From One Jurisdiction," co-authored with Barbara Bower, in a session on "Understanding Policy on Teacher Education," as well as co-authoring two papers about test-taking behaviours and the resulting missing data, which were presented by her graduate students.

Susan Seidman co-presented a session entitled "Building Mathematicians" at the recent Ontario Association for Mathematics Education conference.

Let us know!
Have you presented, or know of a member who has presented at a conference recently or who is working on an interesting project?
Contact Carolyn Moras, cjmoras@rogers.com so we can include your information.

Jackman Award Winner

Congratulations to Christine DiDonato for winning the Jackman Award!

Thanks to the committee: John Myers, Rebecca Ullmann, Susan Seidman.

Click here to read Christine's entry.

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Excellence In Student Teaching Award

This was a new award for our Chapter. After careful consideration of the entries by the committee, it was decided that these two entries were so different that the committee could not rank one above the other. Our co-winners were Pauline Shou and Shelley Thomas.

Pauline has an Honours B. Sc. From University of Toronto, and is now receiving her B. Ed. From University of Toronto Institute of Technology, at the Intermediate and Senior level. She has served as the Tech Representative at UOIT, and been part of the Clarica Scholar's Learning Object Project. She will also be PDK's Newsletter editor next year.

Shelley Thomas is from Kingston, and has majored in English Language and Literature at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. She is just completing work with a non-governmental organization in Ecuador, developing a social justice curriculum.

Thanks to the committee: Moveta Nanton, Carolyn Moras, Susan Seidman

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Trinity Chamber Ensemble

This year PDK supported four Trinity Chamber Ensemble concerts. The audience was treated to a wide range of music, always including Canadian compositions. Many of the members of the Ensemble are teachers, some of music, some of such things as English.

We look forward to continuing our association next year. And we thank Kappan Mary El Milosh for introducing us to years of pleasure.

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Creative Teaching Strategies with Technology

Former PDK President Eleanor Pierre, Professor Alan V. Morgan, and Megan Jack of University of Waterloo presented a multi-level session on using technology for Distance Education.

Alan showed how he uses his extensive collection of geological photographs and satellite photography to both illustrate and demonstrate geological concepts. Eleanor's focus was on developing good pedagogy in the distance format, and meeting the challenges that the distance imposes. Megan provided technical support.

Many of the participants found the geology fascinating, especially in light of the discussion of the recent tsunami and the clear illustrations of the massive land changes shown by satellite photography.

Others entered into a spirited discussion of issues of copyright, intellectual and personal property and the internet. Still others were fascinated by technology issues

.If you would like notes from this event, please contact Susan Seidman at sseidman@sympatico.ca. Thanks to Kari Peters for the notes.

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Prospective Educator Award Winner

Congratulations to Jenna-Lynn Burns, who was the Prospective Educator Award winner 2005 from University of Toronto Chapter PDK. Jenna received a cheque and certificate from the chapter, and her essay has been forwarded to International for their competition.

Jenna-Lynn is a student at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School. Her Guidance Counselor Jane Sammut, spoke of her leadership roles within the school on organizations such as Social Justice, The Breakfast Club, and United Way, and organizations outside the school such as The Ontario Youth Council, and The Boys and Girls Clubs.

Special thanks to the Prospective Educators Committee: Chair Viv Smith who did a superb job visiting schools, communicating with the committee, developing criteria to judge the essays, and facilitating the decision-making. Thanks to committee members Sherry Summersides, Trudy Lum, John Chard, and Foundation Chair Carolyn Moras.

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