PDK International - The Professional Association in Education
Phi Delta Kappa - Chapter 85, University of Toronto

PDK ChalkWalk

Who: You and educators all over the GTA
What: Walk 5 laps around Queen's Park in support of education
Where: meeting at OISE - University of Toronto , room 212.
When: Saturday, October 3rd, 2009, 9 AM - 12 noon

How: Register and donate! Online at http://www.active.com/framed/event_detail.cfm?CHECKSSO=0&EVENT_ID=1757997 and on paper by downloading the following pledge form and flyer.

More information can be found by searching our event page on Facebook!

Why should you support PDK, U of T chapter's ChalkWalk for Education?

  • Participating in the Walk is a fantastic way to enjoy the camadarie of Kappans and their friends and families and to network with educators of all levels. Learn more Walk poster
  • You may have someone in your circle who is eligible for one of our awards.
  • You may know someone who would like to be involved, either as a participant, or as a volunteer, with a regional Spelling Bee.
  • You may know someone who would like to be involved, either as a participant, or as a volunteer, with a Future Educators Association Club (FEA)
  • Funds raised by our Walk for Education supports the awards, FEA clubs, and regional Spelling Bees.

The 2009 ChalkWalk for Education Committee brings you some very exciting news...The Walk has joined Facebook!!! What's all the hype about? Walkers can share pictures, personal walk stories, and download pledge forms all at the click of their mouse. This event page will be the quickest and easiest way for Kappans, their families, and friends, to stay up to date on this fabulous event.

For the past six months the ChalkWalk Committee has been developing some revitalizing changes to help energize this important Kappan event! This year's participants will be departing from OISE|UT and marching to Queen's Park to hand deliver FEA members' letters on the importance of the public education system and their vision's for its future.

We know you believe as strongly in the future of education as we do so please SUPPORT the Walk, JOIN the Walk, TALK the Walk!

How to Join the Facebook Event

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  • Search the events listings for the 2009 ChalkWalk for Education
  • Join our event
  • Challenge your family and friends list to believe in Education with Sole
New Facebook Member?
  • You will require an active email account to join
  • Website access is at www.facebook.com
  • After choosing the new member button follow the step-by-step directions to establish your personal profile
  • When customizing the security settings of your profile, it is recommended that all educators have private accounts to ensure personal information is restricted to student access
  • Once your registration process is complete, follow the search instructions above to join our event
  • Should you have any difficulties please feel free to e-mail Kristin Hopper or Pauline Shou for help!
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