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Research is a major focus of Phi Delta Kappa. Research is one of our three tenets; the others are leadership and service.  In fact, Phi Delta Kappa International has a number of research bulletins and publications provide research support, including free database searches of all Phi Delta Kappa publications for members.

The Toronto Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa supports research in its program and by acting as a liason with key research groups. The Association of Educational Researchers of Ontario (AERO) and the Canadian Evaluation Society, Ontario Chapter (CES) are three key organizations in the province that support classroom, school and school district research and evaluation. Kappans present at the American Education Research Association Conference (AERA), which is the largest educational research conference in the world. In addition, there are a number of research databases, research associations, action research sites and online publications that support research. We have identified a few key links below to help you locate information and establish a viable research network.

Read Bev’s Findings in the current newsletter. Dr. Bev Freedman is the research liaison for the chapter. Her columns are concerned with current research, effective practice, informative websites that influence current practice.

Research Bulletin - EQAO Research Bulletin Investigates Students ' 21st Century Readiness

How well our education system is preparing students for success in the increasingly complex and information-rich world of the 21st century is a topic of growing interest and discussion. Ontario Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) has released several research bulletins highlighting how Ontario students are progressing toward acquiring a number of 21st century skills related to communication, numeracy, and critical thinking and problem-solving. The bulletin is based on an analysis of the 2010 Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics and Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test results in relation to descriptions of 21st century skills stated by the Conference Board of Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. The findings suggest the majority of students are well on their way to acquiring selected 21st-century skills, but there are some specific areas where students may need additional support.

Please go to the following link for more information: Preparing Students for the World Beyond the Classroom: Linking EQAO Assessments to 21st-Century Skills


Annual Phi Delta Kappa / Gallup Poll

For almost four decades, this public opinion poll has helped shape policy initiatives and strategies for improving public schools. Each year, educators all across the country use the results to move forward with planning and action in their communities. We encourage you to think about how the results affect your community and to disseminate the information to your colleagues.

Click here for complete poll results posted on the Phi Delta Kappa International website


Training and Partnerships with PDK

Curriculum Management Services Inc. (CMSi) has developed a series of programs designed to enhance a school district′s capacity to improve student achievement. The first of these was the Curriculum Audit, developed by Dr. Fenwick English in 1979 for use with the Columbus Public School District. The audit is based upon generally-acceptable concepts pertaining to effective instruction and curricular design and delivery.

The audit is composed of five standards. Findings are reported based on triangulated data sources and report the extent to which a district is meetings its goals and objectives. Curriculum Audits have been performed in hundreds of American school districts and in countries including Canada, Bermuda, Saudi Arabia, and New Zealand. School districts contact PDK to request audits and arrangements are made through the PDK-CMSI partnership. Recently the service has been expanded to include small district and individual school audits.

You can request more information by contacting curriculum.audit@pdkintl.org.

CMSi and PDK also offer the Downey Classroom Walk-Through training. This training focuses on increasing principal instructional leadership and visibility and reflective practice in schools. In addition, there are programs dealing with Curriculum Alignment, examining Student Work and 50 Ways to Close the Achievement Gap.

You can visit their web site at www.curriculumsystems.com.

Be sure to visit the Resources Page which has an extensive number of research and other educational related links

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